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The idea of StitchBee began in 2008, as I walked through the tiny mall in the town where I was attending college, the realization hit me. I honestly had no place to shop. My taste had matured passed the Forever 21's and American Eagles but wasn't quite ready for Ann Taylor (for every occasion). All of the boutique's that lined the streets of downtown offered a great compromise, but that compromise came at $100 a shirt. That price tag isn't really in the budget of someone working part-time and surviving on ramen noodles. It became my goal to create a place to shop that offered affordable, age appropriate clothing.
A few years after graduating college I married my wonderful husband. His job requires us to move fairly often, so opening my dream store brick and mortar style was no longer an option. I decided to take a leap of faith and open an online boutique. We just opened this past October (2014) and my goal is to be successful enough to be able to contribute to our ever growing family while doing something I love. I am slowly learning what it truly means to be a business owner and it's only employee! I wear many hats through-out the day and work very hard to deliver an experience for my customers that would equal that of an in-store presence. So please know, if you're ever shopping with us and have any questions at all, from the fit of an item to how long it takes to ship, please feel free to send me a message and I will get back with you as soon as I can!
Since StitchBee is a small, family owned business, we are very much about giving back, being as eco-friendly as possible, and of course trying to help other small businesses. Therefore, we are always on the hunt for designers who are just starting out, rather you’re making jewelry, accessories, or clothing, we would love to hear from you at
Since we are just getting our feet wet, we haven’t been able to establish work with charities just yet, but animals hold a close place in my heart and I frequently donate items to local shelters and would love the chance to do more.
Being eco-friendly is another big one for us here at StitchBee. We are always looking for better ways to lessen our footprint; this includes offering more environmentally friendly products as well as using recycled materials for shipping our products to you.


The Owners

My husband, Andrew and I both grew up in the South and graduated from Auburn University. We are currently living in Willaimsburg, VA. We have a beautiful little girl named Isla with and a handsome little boy named Ashton. We love traveling, being outdoors, and of course, being from the South, college football. Thank you so much for visiting my online store, I truly appreciate the opportunity to have you as a customer.

Our Website
I have to give a HUGE and special thanks to my photographer Brittany Sundie at Brittany Eden Photography, who gets the photo credits for our front page images as well as our product shots. She is local to Foley, AL and has been an asset to StitchBee. Please take a minute to visit her site at  


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